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Societi - TV Shows Trivia Game

Version- 2.8

Description of Societi - TV Shows Trivia Game

The description of Societi - TV Shows Trivia GameWatch. Play. Win! Societi is a 24-hour trivia gaming app where you can win real cash prizes for predicting the outcomes of your favorite TV shows.Think you have what it takes to correctly guess what will happen on the most popular live TV competitions and award shows who will win, who will go home empty handed, and who will blindside their alliance? You now have the chance to turn that knowledge into cold hard cash. Log into Societi at any time to select your answers before a show begins (thats right, no need to log in at specific times!), see how you stack up in real time against your competitors during the show, and collect your winnings after the show ends. Then do it all over again for the next episode, or try your luck for as many shows as you like. Make it even more fun by inviting your family and friends to join the action and see who ends up scoring the money (and your crews bragging rights)!Make sure you never miss your chance at earning money by turning on your push notifications well alert you anytime a new show or episode is posted for you to select your predictions. The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and Survivor are just some of the shows up for you to Watch, Play, and Win now. Join the future of TV and download Societi today!

Additional Information

Category: Entertainment
Developer: Societi
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 9.85 MB
Rating 100
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