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Description of Wedding Dress Shop

The description of Wedding Dress ShopHello, wedding is an important event in the lives of all people. When a private event like this will be held we have great emotions and do everything perfect. Marriage is important for the bride and groom, they want everything to be perfect and that is why they need help from their friends. Today, through this game for girls you'll be able to help us to prepare the most beautiful wedding. Moreover you'll be able to work in our shop, here we sell everything needed for a wedding. You have to prove you're a good administrator and more than that you have to prove you're a creative child. You have to help the bride to choose the right things but we must not forget and guests, they have to look good. Bride is very excited and only you can help her to relax. This dressup game is exactly what you need in this day.We know that our business is in good hands.- Sara is excited because soon she will go to a wedding but has a big surprise when she sees that the wedding dress is torn;- Decides to go to a tailor to make the dress to look good;- Sew the dress;- After that you have to make dress gloves;- Choose a good material;- Establish size gloves;- You have to iron the gloves;- Sew gloves;- Now you have to make a hat;- Choose the right material;- Choose a nice color suitable for wedding;- It is time for buying jewelery;- Choose the most beautiful and interesting jewelry;- Change the color of the dress and add a red corset;- Put crystals to make the dress to shine;- Add flowers;- Now you should dress the young;- It looks great in the dress made by you;- You are a wonderful friend.With your help we managed to do very happy Sarah, please come back every day through this game.Have fun!

Additional Information

Category: Casual
Developer: netgames834
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 28.25 MB
Rating 100
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