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Version- 3.5.2

Description of All tools

The description of All toolsAll tools is an utility app which consist of different and individual tools like,1. Walkie Talkie 2. Music Group3. CCTV 4. Bar-code and QR-code reader5. Torch 6. Compass7. Clipboard 8. Mirror9. Speedometer 10. Leveler11. Converter 12. Metal Detector13. Recorder 14. Stop Watch15. Brightness 16. Temperature17. Pressure 18. Length (Height)19. Humidity 20. Protractor21. Sound Intensity 22. Altitude23. Emf 24. Blank Cam25. Heart Rate 26. G - Meter27. My Location 28. Ruler29. Counter 30. Scribbler31. Color Detector 32. rpm33. Step Counter 34. Horizontal Length35. Seismometer 36. Mike37. Magnifier 38. Battery info39. Internet Speed 40. Speed41. WiFi Calls 42. Sound generator43. Random digit 44. Text to Speech45. Motion Cam 46. Controller47. Night Vision 48. Signal Strength49. IR Remote 50. Text Recognition51. File Transfer 52. Check List53. Cam Scanner 54. TimerFeel free to Contact us and to give Feedback about this app.by ATEU Team.

Additional Information

Category: Tools
Developer: ATEU Softwares
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 4.4 MB
Rating 100
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