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Version- 1.3.0

Description of Touch Circle Clock Wallpaper +

The description of Touch Circle Clock Wallpaper +Simple and useful live wallpaper that can display various information right on your home screen.What it can display: Time, date and alarm Your next calendar event Your motto or favorite quote Symbol (you can choose from a collection of symbols / icons)Additionally, inPROversion it can display: Time and date for various time zones Your 3 next calendar events Days countdown to a particular date (can be changed on a configuration dialog)What you can do with it: Switch content with various gestures right from your home screen Trigger corresponding actions (like opening Clock application in case of Time, date and alarm) Configure background colorsAdditionally, inPROversion you can: Set gradient background Set image background - the app will try to find out appropriate colors for circle and text depending on your image (TouchCircle can handle images from any other application where you can download, edit or share images)Icons/Symbols made by:FreepikDesignmodoYannickFadyUCFAbhimanyu RanaRoundicons FreebiesLyolyaTae S YangIconniceEpicCodersMadebyoliverGregor CresnarBecrisDarius DanVignesh OviyanEucalypZlatko Najdenovskifromwww.flaticon.com

Additional Information

Category: Personalization
Developer: KAPP Development / Time Tracking and Time Analysis
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 4.89 MB
Rating 100
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