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Version- 4.2.1

Description of Star Chart

Explore the solar system with commands like: "Fly me to the Moon" / "Go to Saturn" / "Tour Mars" / "Look at Andromeda" / "Where is the Cigar Galaxy?"[English only]- Supports dynamic device orientation viewing. Allows you to view the night sky whilst holding your Android device at any angle.- Accurately depicts all the visible stars of the northern and southern hemispheres - a total of over 120,000 stars!- Fly to and explore all the planets of the solar system, their moons and the sun all rendered in beautiful 3D with state of the art visual effects.- Displays all 88 constellations, with constellation imagery based on the beautiful artwork by 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.- Includes entire Messier catalogue of exotic deep sky objects.- Using the powerful Time Shift feature allows you to shift up to 10,000 years forward or backward in time.- Tap on anything in the sky and get the facts on what you are looking at, including distance and brightness.- Very powerful zoom function, lets you view the sky in extra detail, using intuitive finger gestures.- Fully configurable. Star Chart displays only the sky objects that you are interested in.- Allows you to view the sky underneath the horizon. So now you can see where the sun is, even at night!- Manually set your location to find out what the sky looks like from anywhere in the world.- Full search featureSo point your Android device at the sky and see what's out there!------------Star Chart is published by Escape Velocity Ltd and developed by Escapist Games Ltd. We update Star Chart regularly, so please send us your feedback and feature requests to starchart@escapistgames.com.And thanks for all your feedback so far!Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/starchartFollow Star Chart on Twitter: StarChartApp Augmented Reality (AR) mode only available if your device supports it, as this feature requires a built-in compass. Manual scrolling is supported on all other devices.* Star Chart does not require internet access for normal usage. Internet access is only required initially to verify the license and subsequently when accessing the support page and external links.

Additional Information

Category: Education
Developer: Escapist Games Limited
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 223.76 MB
Rating 100
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