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Description of Libon

Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East and many other destinations! ????????HOW DOES IT WORK?Unlike other call applications,only the person who places the call needs to install Libon. Whoever receives the call will only have to pick up the phone!WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF BUYING LIBON MINUTES?With Libon, you're buying minutes, and not credit. The strength of minutes over credits is to know exactly how long you will stay in touch with your loved ones ??????????Ourper second billinghelps you control your consumption from the first second. 10 purchased minutes = 10 minutes of conversation with your loved ones??No expiration date: purchased minutes wont expire. Use and reload them when you want???No additional costs:no connection fees and no hidden costs. Libon is guaranteed scam-free!???Libon iscommitment free: buy and use your minutes as you wish. There is no mandatory renewal???Libon is 100% online: once your account is created, aSIM card is not neededto enjoy your minutes. You no longer need a second phone for your Int'l calls: only one phone to rule them all ??!???You can call using 3G*, 4G* or Wi-Fi! To start your call, you need internet access, choose the one you want (only for the caller ??)WHAT IS OUR SECRET TO PROVIDING YOU EXCELLENT PRICES WITH ??HIGH QUALITY?? CALLS?We are working with local telcos to ensure you have the best price on the market:?Globe PHILIPPINES ?????Smart PHILIPPINES ?????Orange MALI ?????Orange SENEGAL ?????Unitel ANGOLA ?????Orange MADAGASCAR ?????Orange CTE D'IVOIRE ?????Orange CONGO-KINSHASA ?????Orange BURKINA FASO ?????...You can view our catalog directly in the app.Choose the best offer for you:With a few clicks, you can easily check if your friends' numbers are compatible with our "carrier" packs.WANT TO TRY?1.?Install Libon on your smartphone2.?Create an account very easily by receiving a SMS3.?Select the person you want to call by typing their phone number or by selecting them from your contact list4.?Choose the offer that suits you!5.?Call your loved ones ??FOR MORE DETAILSOur support team will answer your questions by email contact@libon.com or by Facebook Messenger.Follow us for updates and news:Facebook:http://facebook.com/libon.fanTwitter:https://twitter.com/libon&https://twitter.com/libonstatus For our terms and conditions, please read:https://www.libon.com/Terms-and-conditions For our privacy policy, please read:https://www.libon.com/Privacy* If not connected in Wi-Fi, data charges from your operator may apply

Additional Information

Category: Communication
Developer: Libon
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 19.98 MB
Rating 100
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