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Pure Web Browser - Fast & Ad Blocker & Private

Version- 1.4.0

Description of Pure Web Browser - Fast & Ad Blocker & Private

The description of Pure Web Browser - Fast & Ad Blocker & PrivatePure Browser is a small size, fast and lightweight browser with powerful Ad Blocker,video download,He is especially useful for Android phone users with lower specifications and less storage space.Pure browser does not support YouTube video sites or video downloads of any copyrighted sitesMain Features? Tiny Size? Ad Blocker? Video Download? Incognito Browsing? Night Mode? Screenshot? QRCode Scaner? Offline Webpages? Bookmarks & History? Page Translate? Find In Page?Minimalist & Super fastOnly 3M in size, take up less resources, lightweight and very fast.?Security & privacyno add ads, no push notification, no collect user data. protect your data security and privacy.?Ad BlockerPowerful ad blocking feature that automatically filters ad content during browsing. it help you block most unwanted ads.?Video DownloadPowerful video download capabilities to help you easily download most website videos.?Incognito ModeBrowse the webpage in privacy mode without leaving any history, completely protecting your privacy.?Night ModeProtect your eyes with a unique nighttime browsing mode when browsing the webpage in low light.?More featuresQR Code,Save Page,Text-Only,Screenshot,Full Screen,Find In Page,Page Translate,Bookmarks Import/Export.Help us improve our products:If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me via emailpurelitebrowser@gmail.comor telegramhttps://t.me/PureBrowser,We will try our best to solve any problems for you.

Additional Information

Category: Communication
Developer: PureBrowser
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 4.38 MB
Rating 100
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