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Version- 2.31

Description of Surfy Browser

"It's nice and simple really, you open up the browser's settings menu and set up a passcode just like you would with any mobile device."? Private. Protect browsing and individual bookmarks with a passcode or fingerprint? Personal. Instantly change colors or set your favorite photo as a background? Build your own toolbar and menus with Surfy's unique customization features? Listen to pages with text-to-speech? Immersive full screen browsing? Swipeable tabs? Incognito mode at start-up? Ad blocker? Prevents websites from tracking you? Pin pages and passcode lock them to the Launchpad? Instant search results from the address bar? Mobile optimization, which can reduce data usage down to as little as 20%? Save Passwords and Logins? Desktop mode? Multiple search providers: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, Baidu, Sogou, Yandex? Searchable history? Searchable bookmarks? Clear cookies and cache with history? Set desktop or reading mode for individual tabs? Share pages via Email SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & NFC? Night dimmer? Save images & open links via context menu? Find on PageAnd much much more...Do not compromise your mobile browsing experience. Reduce data usage by as much as80%. Enjoy full screen reading, enable private browsing, passcode and fingerprint protect browsing sessions, save images, download files.

Additional Information

Category: Communication
Developer: Outcoder
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 25.37 MB
Rating 100
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