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Description of Backing Track Builder

Straight back beat guitar chops, organ chords and a low bass riff.Pop Strums: 16th note strummed guitar with a syncopated rhythm.Aussie Rock: Distorted guitar chords with an offbeat rhythm, powerful drums and a constant 8th note bass guitar pulse.Blues Swing: Muted swing guitar with a lead organ part.Metal Riffing: 16th note metal guitar riff with roots, thirds or fifths. Agressive drums. It's like having your own heavy metal band in a phone!Blues Rhoads: Rhythmic Fender Rhoads piano recorded with a DI box along with a straight rhythm and cross stick drums.Simple Jazz: Major, minor, 7 and a wide range of other piano chords with 2 beats per bar accompanied by a swing hihat.Piano Rock: Play-along with driving piano chords with solid drums.Slow and Heavy: Slow, heavy powerchords with a high harmony lead guitar.Piano Rock: Driving piano chords with solid drums.Funky Organ: Crunchy Hammond organ with a 16th note syncopated rhythm.Split Strums: Strums in 2/4 time. Great for creating tracks with split bars.Keys and Pad: Electric piano arpeggios over soft synth pad.Soft Picking: Slow muted arpeggios with a synth pad accompaniment.Ballad Arps: Soaring piano arpeggios with a subtle synth pad.Jazz Trio: Classic piano, drums and bass trio.Organ Rock: Distorted organ with a swing rhythm eigths rhythm.Slow Blues: Blues swing with piano and organ comping.Offbeat Pop: Offbeat strums with a funky bass line.Big Band Jazz: Fast swing with horns.The chords used include major, minor, minor7, major7, dominant7, minor7b5, altered dominants, add9 and diminished 7th.

Additional Information

Category: Music & Audio
Developer: JamString
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 69.33 MB
Rating 100
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