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Description of KingDraw Chemical Structure Editor

The description of KingDraw Chemical Structure EditorWith the rise of mobile internet, more and more traditional working ways are transforming towards the mobile side.However, there is a lack of professional structure drawing APPs in the chemical industry around the world due to its strong professionalism and high R&D threshold.KingAgroot utilizes the collaborative work of the group's internal chemistry researchers and Internet R&D personnel to focus on the professional chemical structure drawing requirements from the direct demands of software users.After a long time of exploration and research, the Precision Agriculture department of KingAgroot finally completes worlds first professional ios & android chemical structure editor.In line with the original purpose of working hard for the advancement of the chemical industry, full featured KingDraw is totally free for chemists. Besides, in order to provide strong software support for chemical research, more chemical related functions will also be added and more drawing modes will become compatible so as to enable seamless connection between APP and PC, realizing rapid transformation from cell phone to computer, from KingDraw to Office, ChemDraw and picture, and finally forming a all-platform chemical structure editor with mobile phone terminal as the entrance.A good idea can change the world, KingDraw will record all your inspirations, just enjoy creation. KingDraw professional structural formula editor, creating a special work station for chemists!The characteristics of current versionTopspeed drawingIt has many powerful functions, like AI image identification, intelligent gesture drawing, intelligent beautifying, real time 3D modeling, conversion between name and structural formula, structural formula searching, chemical property analysis, etc.Multi-terminal synchronizationIt supports one click sync among phone, Pad and PC, meeting creation requirements in different scenarios.Multi-format compatibilityThe files can be easily saved as several file formats commonly used in chemical drawing softwares, for example cdx., mol., SMILES, etc. It also supports several drawing standards like ACS 1996.Always freeAll functions in the mobile, Pad and PC versions are free of charge foreverJust spray your chemical inspirations.

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Category: Productivity
Developer: Precision Agriculture technology Co.,L.td
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 53.77 MB
Rating 100
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