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Hello Seafood 2 for Kakao

Version- 1.8.6

Description of Hello Seafood 2 for Kakao

The description of Hello Seafood 2 for KakaoThe best delicious social network game in the world.Lets design stylish restaurant that you have dreamed and desired! Hire chefs, servers, cashiers and cook Korean,Japanese,Chinese,American,Dessert,Italian,Indian,Vietnamese foods.FEATURES- From Korean to Vietnamese, cook and master more than 150 recipes and challenge the best restaurant.- Design my unique recipe. (Add up to 6 side dishes to the main dish and complete my secret recipe.)- Soup, Drink, Fruits, Sauce, Etc. more than 250 side dishes.- Find Legendary recipes scattered all over the world!- Chefs, Servers, Cashiers and costumes. Cute pets!- Various interiors and props.- Takeout customers, Bike delivery and Boat orders. Too busy. But with the food storage orders are completed right away!- Wonder what grade your restaurant is? Test your grade right now! Best foods and best service to get Star V grade.- Visit your friends' restaurant and give a tip, clean the shops to upgrade your social level.- Are you feeling lucky today? Draw a lot now. Get side dishes, legendary recipe pieces, Gariby.- Upgrade your staff members for the best restaurant in the world.- Food truck and the whale family.- Franchise chatting and mission.- Open dessert cafe on the 2nd floor.SUPPORTManager, are you having problems? Contact help@appstree.co.kr

Additional Information

Category: Simulation
Developer: AppsTree
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 124.1 MB
Rating 100
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