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Princess and the Bunny

Version- 1.0.0

Description of Princess and the Bunny

The description of Princess and the BunnyThis cute little princess must take care of her pet and your job in this animal game will be to help her accomplish this task. Follow the standard procedure and keep things in order for a cute fluffy bunny and her owner, the princess. First of all, you will start the game with a little pampering. Give him a bubble bath and make sure you clean his dirty fur. Wash each part of the body with suitable products, like soap for the body and shampoo for the hair. Continue the grooming with a delicious food serving. The bunny will ask for a certain plate and you will serve them by its preferences. After his tummy is full you will go for the playroom washing. Perform cleaning activities by taking care of the dirty floors, removing the stains, throwing the garbage and then getting rid of those stinky leftovers that are spread all over the place. Follow the instructions and use the given tools to repair the broken things. The spider web needs to go and the rest of the mess too. Now that you played with the bunny and the princess is pleased by how her pet has been treated, you must proceed with the next phase. Create a special look to suit the princess and her bunny, then make sure you use your creativity and style to do it. Put on nice accessories, add your mark on their outfits and try to make a difference in their appearance. Use those fancy dresses and build your own style for them. Don't forget to have fun and get cool styles!Look up for these interesting features that this game has presented in here:- Caretaker skills to develop- Fluffy bunny to look after- Design an outfit for the princess and for her pet too- Perform cleaning activities- Clean and feed the bunny to its preferences- Dress up items and cool accessories- Easy control of the game and free playing- Multiple tasks to accomplish- Bath, arrange, feed and dress up- Amazing graphics and suggestive sounds- Learn how a princess and her bunny should be bathed, fed, and cared

Additional Information

Category: Entertainment
Developer: winkypinky
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 31.09 MB
Rating 100
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