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5-3-1 basic Wendler training- Listview: 125% - 40% of your 1RM weight- Listview: 1RM to 15RM- Imperial and Metric weight unit- Export exercise logs as CSV- Export/Import exercise logs from device to deviceFormulas to choose from:- Epley- Brzycki- Lander- Lombardy- Mayhew et al.- O'Conner et al.- Wathendefault exercises:- Benchpress- Deadlift- Front Squat- Back Squat- Overhead Squat- Strict Shoulder Press / Military PressSafety precautionsThe calculations performed in oneRM are based on validated formulas, still they can be only estimations of the real weight you might be able to handle and should be used as a guidance. Measuring your 1RM can put your body under great stress, so be sure to perform it under safe conditions.Studies revealed that no more than 10 repetitions should be used in linear equations to estimate your 1RM.We included the possibility to calculate your 1RM also for 10 to 20 repetitions, please be aware that any 1RM calculation that result from values over 10 repetitions can only be considered as rough estimation.

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