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Subliminal Messages Lite

Version- 2.3.4

Description of Subliminal Messages Lite

Like our Facebook page to get the chance of winning a Promo code that will give you the Pro version of this app for free.Subliminal Messages are everywhere around you! In cartoons, movies and even advertisements. They're more than50 years old!It's been proven that your brain picks up these messages without your awareness (PWA) and they can influence your choices in aGoodor bad way.Subliminal Messages can help youRelax, Feel Good, Quit smoking, stay focused and even to memorize stuff!This is the free version, You can manually add a maximum of 5 messages to be flashed on your screen throughout your day and help improve your Life.ENJOYthis experience and customize your own messages Now!

Additional Information

Category: Productivity
Developer: MegaBit
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 6.93 MB
Rating 100
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