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Version- 1.1.7

Description of Games Up!

The description of Games Up!The app for all gamers!Get free in-app purchases, premium currency or skins in the form of gaming vouchers by answering daily new surveys!Complete tasks like completing surveys to earn google play credit, steam gift cards or other gaming vouchers!From the earned gaming vouchers, users buy premium currencies such as v bucks, gems, coins or direct rewards such as skins, weapons or upgrades.If you need boosters, skins or upgrades for your favorite game, you have to pay for premium currencies like Gems, Gold or Diamonds. With Games Up! you can easily earn a few gems for one or a few free gems for the other game. So you get free chests or free skins with simple tasks. So you simply earn google play credit for free! Also available are free Steam vouchers, PSN cards, xbox live vouchers or soon earn PSC.Which vouchers are available?1) Steam voucher2) Xbox voucher3) Game World voucher4) GooglePlay voucher5) PlayStation Network voucherWhat can you do with the free vouchers?Steam gift card:Earn free Steam credit to buy all the latest games.Xbox & Playstation Network:Earn a Playstation gift card or xbox live gift card to play games or make in-game purchases on your favorite console.GooglePlay voucher code:Earn GooglePlay credit to make free in-app purchases for premium currencies or other features.Game World voucher:Earn the Game World Coupon to get free games and gaming accessories.It's that easy:1. answer surveys, test games or master little challenges in games.2. get Up!-Points for each task3. exchange your Up!-Points for vouchers for your favorite game and receive your free diamonds or other premium currencies.From Pay-to-Win to Work-to-Win! How many free skins, free bucks or gems you get depends only on how many tasks you complete - not how much money you spend.Invite your friends to share vouchers with you! Gamers love this app! It's the easiest way to earn your free skins, free diamonds or free battle pass!

Additional Information

Category: Entertainment
Developer: BitBurst GmbH
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 7.14 MB
Rating 100
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