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what you are looking for is within you.Prem Rawat brings this timeless message to todays world.His TimelessToday app is the most convenient way of accessing and enjoying Prems content anywhere, any time - whether you have just a few moments or more time on your hands. Its free to download and use.In addition to the hundreds of free audio, video and written content items, this latest version of the TimelessToday App brings attractively priced subscriptions giving you access to premium content including Themed and Interactive Events, LiveStreams & Playbacks, and more. Youll be able to choose a 'Classic' subscription or a 'Premium' subscription.Some content will be available for you to download to your device which you can enjoy offline.About Prem RawatFor 50 years, Ive been dedicated to bringing peace to those who want it.The world doesnt need peace; people do. And the peace we want is within us. Its that simple. Prem RawatWhen he was only eight years old, Prem Rawat publicly expressed his determination to present the opportunity for personal peace to everyone in the world who wanted it.Fifty years later, his commitment is unwavering.Born in Northern India in 1957, renowned Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat has addressed Millions of people worldwide, at live events as well as on TV, radio and online.He is regularly invited to speak at universities and prestigious international forums and events and has accepted invitations from global business leaders, prison inmates, remote villagers in developing countrieswhoever is eager to hear his message.On July 31, 2016 - the 50th anniversary of his lifelong efforts for peace - Prem Rawat launched TimelessToday as a vehicle to reach even more people around the world.About TimelessTodayTimelessToday is a multi-platform media company that produces content about the human potential for peace derived from Prem Rawats worldwide work.Our audiovisual crew travels in tandem with Prem Rawat as he addresses audiences around the globe.Our attention is on quality and our commitment is to stay in sync with Prem Rawatsactivities and bring you his most recent content. We also curate Prems archive ofmedia.Main features for Version 1.0 of the TimelessToday app:- Create an account (its free) to personalize your app experience, create your own playlists, select Favorites and more.- Find the content you want easily and quickly with our simple-to- use interface which includes a powerful keyword search.- Browse content by topic and easily find other related media.- Share content with others easily.- Give feedback and add comments.- Receive notifications any time new content is added.- Stay in the loop with news and announcements.Version 1.0 also includes these utilities:- Playlist- Wishlist- Favorites- My Profile- Settings/Support- LinksGet in touchWed love to know what you think of the app. Heres how to get in touch:- Facebook: @timelesstoday -- https://facebook.com/timelesstoday- Website: https://timelesstoday.com- Help & feedback: customercare@timelesstoday.comYou can also leave feedback in the app under Settings/SupportTerms & ConditionsBy downloading and using the TimelessToday app, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of use. https://www.timelesstoday.tv/terms-and-conditionWe hope you enjoy your app experience.The TimelessToday team.

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Category: Entertainment
Developer: Rawat Creations
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 24.55 MB
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