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Version- 1.7.3

Description of Bixel

??Unicorn, ??Animals, ??Food, ??Birds, ??Flowers, ??Places, and many others;??Daily updates! Tons of Free pictures for you to coloring!??Completely Free Tools: Use Positioning Tool to find the uncolored blocks quickly and accurately and Paint Bucket to quickly paint adjacent color blocks with only one tap.??MEET beautiful and uncluttered user interface.??EASY coloring. No stress of picking up colors!??SHARE your timelapse video with friends on social networks in just one tap;Dont need more consideration, just relax and enjoy!??Contact Us ==>Facebook?@Bixel coloringInstagram?@Bixel_app

Additional Information

Category: Board
Developer: Button Software,Inc
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 17.46 MB
Rating 100
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