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Version- 1.1.13

Description of Lords Wrath

The description of Lords Wrath2018 Tr ch?i di ??ng Hottest Three Kingdoms! Ng??i ch?i s? tr? thnh nhn v?t trong game, thu th?p ba ch? huy qun s? v b?t tay vo con ???ng chinh ph?c.?FEATURES?? Cu?c vy hm lin ngnh trong chi?n tranh c?a ??t n??c, th? hi?n chi?n l??c v s?c m?nh c?a nB? t?c quy?n b ch? c?a Tam Qu?c ?ang trn b? l?a, v n ph h?p v?i nh?ng ng??i ch?i c?a tr?i.? Hng ch?c ng??i ch?i n?i ti?ng ? ba qu?c gia, v?i nhi?u k? n?ng v l?i ch?i khc nhauD?a trn su ngh? nghi?p l?n ???c thi?t k? c?a cc ch? huy qun s? c?a ba n??c, s? k?t h?p c?a cc lo?i ch? huy qun s? khc nhau c th? th?c hi?n nhi?u chi?n thu?t v k?t h?p ?? bn cc ??i th? b?t ng?.? Lo?i b? k? n?ng th? cng, tiu di?t k? thCc k? n?ng ??c ?o c?a th?m ch lo?i b? k? n?ng, trong tr?n chi?n nhm chn t?ng ba lo?i b? cc chi?n l??c gi?i tr, tr??c phn ?on BOSS l?n ??t qu? ?? pht hnh b truy?n b? gin ?o?n, gameplay chi?n l??c ph?n nh m?t cch s?ng ??ng nh?t!? Tr ch?i chi?n ??u, t??ng lai khng ch?c ch?n, b? chH? th?ng chi?n ??u m?i, nh?ng k? th v ph?n th??ng khc nhau g?p ph?i trong vi?c l?a ch?n cc tr?i khc nhau trong m?i tr?n chi?n! Lo?i b? cc cng vi?c nhm chn hng ngy v lm cho qu trnh nh?n ph?n th??ng th v?!?SUPPORT?Facebook?https://www.facebook.com/LordsWrath/

Additional Information

Category: Role Playing
Developer: TurinGame
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 200.15 MB
Rating 100
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