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Version- 1.3.2

Description of Musemage

Experience multiple shooting features opening simultaneously.Photo Mode: Various camera lens and filters all in real-time to help you get a good shot.Blue Screen: Replace any background into funny picture, or video of your choice.Magic Color: Feel free to change the color of any object, useful in any situation.[Abundant Real-time Functions in shooting]Exclusive video stabilizationFive-axis video stabilization, digital video stabilization technology brought to the mobile phone. Hand-held shooting on bumpy conditions are guaranteed rock solid frame.Real-Time BeautyFull HD video real-beautifying, repair wrinkles and blemishes, hair, eyes and other details. Instantly have a smooth face.Real-time HDRAutomatically control the brightness of the picture detail, restore normal exposure, shadows and highlight detail 3 EV or more. Changing the exposure and tone mapping, rendering more realistic and brighter scenes.26 camera lens filter and special effects filters5 Lens Filters (bokeh, tilt-shift, vignette, etc.)6 Distortion Filters (perspective correction, fisheye, etc.)6 Art Filters (paintings, drawings, gouache, etc.)5 Weather Filters (reflection, defog, snow, etc.)5 Equipment Filters (spotlight, wide-screen, thermal, etc.)44 color filters in real-time6 Adventure filters7 Film filters6 Black and white filters6 Lomo filters5 Documentary filters4 Light leakage filters10 Movie filters[Contact us]E-mail feedback: feedback@paraken.comInstagram Account: musemage_appFacebook Account: Musemage

Additional Information

Category: Photography
Developer: Paraken Technology Co., Ltd.
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 25.85 MB
Rating 100
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