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The description of Cisco CCNALearn and Prepare Cisco CCNA Course Exam 200-120.Basics of Networking Cisco,CCNA.200-125 ccna.You can learn the basics general networking concepts through this app and you can prepare the Cisco CCNA Exam 200-120 or 200-125 easily.Contents of the Cisco CCNA Course/ExamIntroductionComputer network explainedOSI reference modelTCP/IP reference modelData encapsulationData encapsulation in the OSI modelLocal Area Network (LAN)What is Ethernet?Ethernet frameMAC addressUnicast, multicast, broadcast addressesHalf and full duplexBasic networkingWhat is a network hub?What is a network bridge?What is a network switch?Differences between a switch and a bridgeWhat is a router?TCP/IPTCP/IP suite of protocolsWhat is an IP address?Private IP addressesIP address classesIP address typesTransmission Control Protocol (TCP) explainedUser Datagram Protocol (UDP) explainedTCP and UDP portsNetwork protocolsTelnet protocolSecure Shell (SSH) protocolFile Transfer Protocol (FTP)Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)Network Time Protocol (NTP)Domain Name Service (DNS)Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)IPv4 headerSubnettingWhat is subnetting?Get help in IOSDisplay IOS command historyIOS commandsConfigure the hostname in IOSConfigure banners in IOSConfigure passwords in IOSservice password-encryption commandConfigure descriptions in IOSRun privileged commands in global config modeInterfaces on an IOS deviceConfigure an IP address for an interfacePipe function in IOSMemory on a Cisco deviceConfiguration files on an IOS deviceIOS show commandBoot sequence of a Cisco deviceBack up IOS configurationShow running processesIP routingIP routing explainedRouting table explainedDirectly connected routesStatic routesDynamic routesTypes of routing protocolsAdministrative distance (AD) explainedRouting metric explainedRIPRIP (Routing Information Protocol) overviewReported and feasible distance explainedSuccessor and feasible successor explainedEIGRP configurationWildcard mask explainedEIGRP and wildcard masksReliable Transport Protocol (RTP)Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL)EIGRP auto-summaryEIGRP manual summarizationOSPFOSPF overviewDesignated router and backup designated routerOSPF clear text authenticationOSPF MD5 authenticationOSPF route summarizationLayer 2 switchingLayer 2 switchingHow switches learn MAC addressesHow switches forward framesPort security featureAssign the switch IP addressAssign static MAC addressVLANsVLANs explainedAccess and trunk ports explainedFrame tagging explainedInter-Switch Link (ISL) overview802.1q overviewConfigure VLANsConfigure trunk portsVTP modes explainedConfigure VTPAccess Control Lists (ACLs)What is ACL (Access Control List)?Standard ACLsExtended ACLsIPv6IPv6 overviewccna testccna booksccna pdfccna syllabusccna exam feesccna course feesccna booksccna wikiccna course material pdf free downloadlearn ccna in 5 days pdfccna study guide 200-125ccna routing and switching study guide 200-120 pdfccna study guide 2017free ccna study guideccna tutorialccna pdf200-125 ccna pdfccna course materialccna syllabus 2017ccna syllabus pdfccna syllabus 2017 pdfccna 200-125 syllabus pdfccna routing and switching examcisco certified network associateCCNPWe made this application for the help of the new students or professionals who are interested for networking field and want to prepare the Cisco CCNA Exam. Note that Cisco Systems, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the application.

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