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Description of Weather

The description of WeatherThis application will be your great assistance; it will always inform you about the upcoming weather in your city and many others at any time. With an easy interface, you will always know the upcoming weather for the week (weather forecast). You can add an unlimited number of cities. The main window consists of a comfortable table in which you can view the daily weather forecast for all the selected cities, and if you want to view the weekly forecast - just click on the selected city. In this application you can view the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Also you can find out the speed of wind and its direction, humidity, pressure and other useful information. The application gets all the information from the Yahoo server and further this information is stored in a database on your device, so you can view the latest loaded weather forecast even without connecting to the Internet. In order to save your traffic only the very necessary data is being loaded (without pictures and other unnecessary information) that gives high speed of new data download. The application interface is very easy to use, the smallest possible number of buttons is marked, and to update the weather forecast you just need to move down the table.The main features of the application: Short forecast for all the selected cities; The full forecast for one selected city for 5 days in advance; Review the temperature, humidity, visibility, wind strength and direction, weather conditions; Temperature measurement in Celsius and Fahrenheit; Adding more cities by their names; Measurement of the distance in kilometers and miles; Measurement of the pressure in Pascals, bars, technical atmospheres, physical atmospheres, millimeters of mercury, pounds per square inch and inches of mercury; Saving the latest weather data downloaded from the server to the application database; Review the weather offline; Option of sorting the cities in the table; Review the minimum and maximum temperatures for the day and for each day of the week; Fast data download from the server with the lowest possible traffic usage.The information about the weather the application gets from the Yahoo.To download the current weather forecast the application needs the Internet connection.For all questions and comments you can contact the developer of the application. We will certainly give you an answer!Thank you for your choice!

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Category: Weather
Developer: Kataykin: apps for education & lifestyle
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 3.14 MB
Rating 100
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