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Version- 1.8

Description of List Maker

The description of List MakerSimplicity at its finest!With List Maker you can make simple lists and notes with no added bloat.Lists!Quickly create, save, and edit multiple lists. Features include dragging and dropping list items, checkboxes, and swiping to delete or edit items.Notes!You can also create, save, and edit multiple notes! Notes are a blank canvas where you can write whatever you need down, quickly, with no unnecessary bloat. Just write, save, and done.Minimum Permissions!This app doesn't currently require any permissions to fully function if any are added, they'll be thoroughly explained in the About/Help section. That means you can rest assured that nothing out of the ordinary is going on behind the scenes when you're using it.No Ads!Ads can distract from what you're doing, pop up at inconvenient times, and, when done improperly, greatly diminish the user experience. That's why, as a primary user and the developer of this app, I decided the best user experience is an ad-free user experience.This is a re-made and enhanced version of the previous List Maker that I released. Due to the vast amount of added features, I had to make the entire app from the beginning again and I feel it is much better for it. This version will allow me to continue to develop this app well into the future and I hope you'll download it and join me in watching it grow!

Additional Information

Category: Productivity
Developer: Bryan Wainick
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 2.35 MB
Rating 100
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