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book hotels, hostels and apartments all around the world.All prices you see at Ostrovok.ru are final, we do not charge you a commission. By working directly with our partners, we provide the best rates and let you choose from the greatest hotel and hostels deals in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, other cities in Russia and all over the world. We help you save your time and money.Now you can easily find the best hotel and hostels deals available wherever your trip takes you: just use the map. Bookings made simple as that, whether you are in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, stuck in a line or caught in a traffic jam.Apart from booking services, our app lets you check the details before you choose your perfect accommodation: photos of property and rooms it offers, guest reviews, popular tours. Now you can search and book best hotel and hostel deals as easily as you purchase a flight or train ticket. Whether you are planning a car trip or heading for a package tour, use Ostrovok.ru app - one of the best travel app.Same day booking for just one night made easy in just a few seconds - while you are waiting for your train or buying your flight.Download Ostrovok - Hotel Search now for free!Should you have any questions contact us at android@ostrovok.ru. More than 450 000 hotel offers at our official website https://ostrovok.ru/.Follow us and keep track of the best deals:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ostrovok_ruFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ostrovok.ruVK: https://vk.com/ostrovok_ruTwitter: https://twitter.com/ostrovok_ru

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Category: Travel & Local
Developer: Emerging Travel Inc
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 38.46 MB
Rating 100
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