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Description of Notification Saver

Status and Save Notifications Bar, notification history, notification saver app. Display notification Status Bar in safety and Checks the notifications efficiently in detail, status saver Also you can delete unwanted notification from android push notification, notification blocker, push notifications Notify stickers , noticeapp , auto notification cleaner , clear notifications bar, notifications remover.Once you install this app, it will start generating the notification log and you can literally view the notification history anytime.You can easily manage, sort and view all past notifications you received after installing Notification History Log applicationThis app works on almost all Android smartphones and tablets running on KitKat or higher. The best thing about the app is Advanced History feature where you will get full control over your past notifications.Notification Saver also gives you the ability to prioritize specific notifications, for example; if you have a Smart Smoke detector in your home, outside camera with motion detector etc, you can use notification history app to prioritize notifications from that app, so when your phone receives an alert you will hear a loud alarm sound which indicates that your phone just received a notification from your Smoke detector and other apps.Features:* Record notifications on status bar* Record toasts* Record USSD messages* Record all dialog messages* Record app install/update/uninstall history* Group messages by apps* Sort message by time* Clear notifications* Ignore notifications from specific apps* Ignore notifications with defined filters* 12/24 hours time format* Support copy notification to clipboard.* Display installation source of apps (System app, Google play, amazon and unknown installer)* Support search* Launch app from notification* Desktop widget to show the latest notifications* Import notifications from free version* Save USSD messages and Flash SMS/class 0 message* Auto dismiss(close) USSD and Flash SMS dialog* Vibration, sound, LED for USSD and Flash SMS messages* Show recent notifications on status bar* Support regular expression in search and notification saving filterThis app will record all detailed history of served notifications which you can easily access anytime.Thank You.

Additional Information

Category: Productivity
Developer: Eastern Media LLC
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 0 MB
Rating 100
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