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Version- 1.30

Description of Coup

Resistance versions, and many more.- Play games with up to four players, worldwide.- Invite your facebook friends or play ranked matches with random opponents.- Increase your rank by earning achievements & badges - and winning.- Greet, taunt, and negotiate with your opponents with a custom chat system.- A faithful adaptation of one of the best board games.- Helpful tutorials teach you the basics and advanced strategy of Coup.- Free to play.- Play with your friends -You can create private games with your friends anytime, each match supports up to four players. You can add friends to your friend list by inviting them directly, importing from your contacts, using Facebook, or by adding favorite players you've met in any of the ranked matches.- Awesome Characters -Five awesome characters each with their own abilities. The Captain can steal from your opponents and block incoming steals. The Assassin can assassinate another player card. The Contessa can block assassination attempts. The Duke can claim tax and earn three coins. The Ambassador can exchange cards and block steals.- Ranked Matches -Think you've got what it takes to take on the best Coup players? We've created multiple ranked rooms to match you with opponents all over the world. Wager a small amount of your reputation in rooms with newbies, or risk more and play against the best.- Achievements and Badges -Complete over 50 achievements to increase your rank and unlock new badges to display on your player profile. More achievements & badges will be added for future updates.- Faithful Board Game Adaptation -This game was created by and for fans of the tabletop version of Coup. We hope you enjoy playing this awesome game.

Additional Information

Category: Board
Developer: Fox City Games LLC
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 85.22 MB
Rating 100
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