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Description of Flora

Flora. Help her in the adventure against the Darkness in this spectacularly artistic 2D side-scrolling platformer. Show the world that her mother's sacrifice was not in vain!Discover the amazing living world of her planet. Reach the end of the levels with the help of the special plants and with using the abilities of the ancient Gods.Activate all the ancient gates to chase the Darkness away! The future of the planet is in your hands!Game Features: captivating stunning art style intuitive and simple one-touch control 21 challenging, carefully crafted levels special abilities for strategic options boss fight finale epic music various moving and static enemiesThe Darkness is spreading!Don't wait, save the planet!Reach us at: info@1der-ent.comWebsite: www.1der-ent.comFacebook: facebook.com/1derentTwitter: twitter.com/1DerEntYoutube: youtube.com/user/1DERentertainment

Additional Information

Category: Arcade
Developer: 1DER Entertainment
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 44.23 MB
Rating 100
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