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Version- 1.0

Description of Mebo

Everything Mebo sees streams straight to your phone or tablet in 720p high definition. Take pictures or record videos to post and share online.HEAR WHAT MEBO HEARS: Send Mebo into another room and hear everything he hears through your device.SPEAK THROUGH MEBO: Speak through Mebo using the microphone on your device.EXPLORE THROUGH MEBO: With 6 all-terrain wheels and intuitive steering control, Mebo can go nearly anywhere you send him using your mobile device!FULLY ARTICULATED 360 MOTION: With 5 different points of articulation and the ability to spin in place, Mebo can grasp, lift and carry nearly anything you set his mind to.

Additional Information

Category: Entertainment
Developer: Skyrocket, LLC
Last Updated: 2019-08-25
Size: 122.18 MB
Rating 100
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